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18B  Assigned Counsel Plan -- Criminal/Family Court Timesheet Application
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Rates for 18B attorneys are $60/hr for misdemeanor cases and $75/hr for all other cases.
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This site will be unavailable on October 19, 2019 from approximately 9PM-12AM due to necessary maintenance on our servers. You will not be able to log into the system or do any work within the system during maintenance. Please plan to save all work prior to the time when maintenance begins. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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It is highly recommended that ACP vendors sign up for EFT and PIP:

Electronic Financial Transaction: A service that allows for the deposit of 18-B funds directly into your bank account, speeding up your payments as well as eliminate payment obstacles created by paper checks that can be lost, misplaced, stolen or damaged.

To activate an account, cut and paste the following link into your web browser:

If you have any questions concerning EFT, contact Peter Drury, the EFT coordinator at 212-291-4812 or at


Payee Information Portal: A service that allows you, as a payee of the City of New York, to manage your own account information and view your financial transactions.

To activate an account, copy/paste the following link into your browser:

If you have any questions about the PIP website, contact the PIP hotline at 212-857-1777.

Those ACP vendors who are currently enrolled in either PIP and/or EFT need not take further action.

Please direct any general questions regarding the payment requirements to Mimi Shui-Han (212)312-6584 or or Larry Parkins (212)312-6574 or

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